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Optatus Berlin is your manufacturer of 1250 scale model ships specialized on the production of freighter (container ships, oil tanker, transport ships), passenger ships (ferries, cruise liners) and special purpose ships. My portfolio ranges from historical ships and a selection of the largest container ships to current passenger ships and cruise liners.


I cast my handmade model ships from a high-quality metal alloy and subsequently hand-paint them with special attention to original details. The models are then finished off using professional airbrush equipment.


Quality craftsmanship – made in Germany!


Turn your own models into individual unique items. Besides the production of my own collections, I am specialized in creating models according to individual customer demands.


My services include the installation of railing, rigging, passengers and other decals, camouflage painting and further design according to historical specifications or your personal preferences.


In addition, I offer handmade display cabinets coming with a high-quality base made of oak wood and durable covers in acrylic glass.


With pleasure I also make unique masterpieces from your models! 


Send your own request now!

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